Summer is coming

It seems like every year, the weather in Australia becomes more extreme; new records of heavier rainfall, colder nights, and with no exception – hotter and hotter weather!

With even more records to be broken this Australian summer, the taste water team want to make sure that our customers and friends are safe and prepared.

Make sure that you’re ready with your favourite flavour in hand! Our most looked forward to past-time of summer is tanning and relaxing by the pool with the kids, and of course an ice-cold drink that we can sip away at while listening to their laughter.

We’re not too sure which will be your favourite flavour of taste water yet, but mine (Chana here, hello!) is Blackberry.

When creating taste water, we were trying to decide which flavours to choose for our first flavours launch.

Blackberry brought back the fondest memories of my childhood. My mum used to use blackberries in drinks, sauces, marinades, and pies. She would always tell me that even though they may not taste so sweet, there is a hidden flavour that just needs the opportunity to burst out.

I have been using my creative side to do some inventing with our new drink using this special fruit because I know there is a fabulous flavour that is just bursting to be seen and we have so many ideas that our blackberry taste water can be used for.

Below is a recipe for a delicious blackberry cocktail that you can enjoy with your family and friends. This recipe is for 4 people, but feel free to double or triple if needed. Hey, it’s holiday season… more cocktails equals more fun ;)

To start off, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Fresh Blackberry punnet x 2
  • Lime x 2
  • Some ice
  • taste water Blackberry flavour
  • Vodka shot x 4
  • Your favourite bubbles
  • Mint

Mix together your taste water blackberry flavour, vodka, and lime. Pour into glasses with some ice and top up with your favourite bubbles. Add in some blackberries and mint for garnish and tadaaa! You have a delicious and refreshing cocktail.

Swap out the vodka for extra taste water blackberry and you have an equally fantastic mocktail that even mums to be and kids can enjoy.

A drink for the whole family? You’re welcome!

Let us know if you also have any ideas that you would like to share with us. We love getting feedback!