Replacing sugar with sweeteners?

Have you taken the time to cut out sugar in your diet? It’s common knowledge that sugar is related to all sorts of health problems ranging from heart health to eye health. So, if you have decided to cut out sugar, good on you. But do you still like that sweet taste on your lips when drinking your summer slushy? We sure do! So the question is, what are you replacing it with?

Some people may know that artificial sweeteners are linked to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and many other health related problems. The word ‘artificial’ can be a bit scary which makes people crave something natural. But what about the effects of natural sweeteners?

One of the most common natural sweeteners is Stevia. It comes from a plant native to South America. This sweetener has become quite popular in recent years - it pops up a lot in food and beverage products due to it being plant-based. It also has the added bonus of having no calories.

But just because it’s called ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s free of hidden effects. A recent study, by Molecules, found that Stevia can have quite significant negative effects on gut and stomach health. They found that this sugar replacement is linked to gastrointestinal health issues by interfering with bacteria communication in the gut. It can also lead to an imbalance of the gut microbiome. Gut microbiome refers to the ecosystem of bacteria that live in your stomach and digestive tracts. The ecosystem is precious and certain sweeteners can upset that precarious balance. This study warns that Stevia might be one of them. So while it might be called ‘natural’, it’s a little misleading.

More studies that need to be done to understand the precise negative impacts of Stevia and other natural and artificial sweeteners, however this information is something to pique your interest when choosing a natural sweetener over something unsweetened.

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